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Länstrafiken - en grundläggande förutsättning för länets utveckling

About Länstrafiken

Länstrafiken is responsible for the provision of local and regional bus and coach services in the County of Västerbotten. The County Council owns 50 % of the company, and the remaining 50 % is owned by the municipalities in the county. The public transportation provided by Länstrafiken is an important part of the infrastructure in the county and plays a significant role in development and growth. A great many of county residents depend on public transportation in order to get to and from work, school, services, and other places.

Länstrafiken does not own buses or other vehicles, and does not employ drivers. Instead, the company purchases services from contractors with their own vehicles  and drivers. All contractors have been commissioned after a tendering procedure and must meet certain basic requirements, such as environmental considerations, quality, traffic safety and adaptation of buses for specific needs.

Tickets and multi-trip tickets

Tickets can be purchased on the buses and coaches and at the coach stations concerned. If you intend to make several trips to the same destination, you can save money by purchasing a multi-trip ticket. A six-trip ticket, for example, is 20 % cheaper per trip than a single-trip ticket. If you are a regular traveller, the purchase of a monthly ticket may reduce your expenses per trip even further.

To find out more about our prices and tickets, contact Traffic Information at 0771 - 100 110.

No more cash on the buses

From the 1st of June 2009, there will be no more cash payments on any of the buses in Umeå's public transport system.


For enquiries concerning timetables, contact Traffic Information at 0771 - 100 110.

Contact us

Länstrafiken i Västerbotten AB
Office address: Storgatan 36
Postal address: Box 134, 921 23 LYCKSELE
Phone: 0950-239 00
Fax: 0950-141 34
Traffic Information: 0771 - 100 110

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